FREE SHIPPING / 全商品 無料配送
FREE SHIPPING / 全商品 無料配送
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<About the product>

Q: Is it genuine?

A: It is a 100% genuine product purchased from an official converse overseas store.


Q: Please tell me where you purchased

A: We purchase and provide products from official Converse stores in Korea and the United States.


Q: Please tell me the size of CT70

A: It is said that the length is slightly larger than the normal size (about 0.5cm). Although it tapers toward the tip of the foot, there are individual differences in the shape of the foot, so please choose the size that suits your preference. Some people with high insteps and wide feet may want to size up.


Q: About product prices

A: The price may fluctuate depending on the rate.


Q: I am looking for a product that is not on your site. Is it possible to order it?

A: Yes, some products are available depending on the model. Please feel free to contact us.


Q: Is gift wrapping possible?

A: We are very sorry. We are currently in the process of preparing, so we are currently unable to offer gift wrapping. Please note.


Q: I feel that the product image and the actual color are slightly different.

A: The product photographed as a sample product may differ slightly in specifications and processing from the actual product. Please note. Also, depending on the settings and characteristics of the monitor you are using, there may be slight differences in color compared to the actual product.


<Regarding changes to your order>

Q: I want to change the contents of my order.

A: We are very sorry. Please note that we will not be able to respond after the order is completed.


Q: I want to change the delivery address.

A: We cannot accept changes to the shipping address after the order has been completed.


Q: The price has been reduced after purchase, so I would like you to reduce the price.

A: Payment will be made at the price at the time of your order. Please note that we cannot offer discounts on products after the order has been confirmed.


<About payment method>

Q: What kind of payment methods are there?

A: Currently, Paypal and credit/debit card (VISA / Mastercard /JCB / AMEX / Unionpay) payments are available.


【For PayPal】 Please register in advance using the link above.

LOWHAI employs a payment service company (EXIMBAY). The payment service company (EXIMBAY) provides credit payment between LOWHAI and the customer. In addition, LOWHAI uses 3D Secure, a personal authentication service recommended by VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and AMEX, in order to make credit card payments on the Internet safer.

If the settlement amount and the billing amount are different, the card company may impose an "overseas usage fee" on the customer.

LOWHAI does not impose any commission on the customer other than the displayed product price. We cannot confirm the exact amount as it is a fee imposed on the customer by the card company.

This is done according to the card company's internal policy, so please check with your card company directly regarding this.


<About payment error>

If you register paypal in advance, you can pay by credit card.

Issue 3D secure number

It is necessary to contact the company that issued the card to be used and register the necessary information in advance. If you have any questions, please contact your card issuer. *Please note that it cannot be used if the card issuer does not support 3D Secure. Enjoy safe online shopping at LOWHAI with 3D Secure.


<About shipping and delivery>

Q: Do you charge for shipping?

A: Free shipping worldwide.


Q: How many days will the product arrive?

A: Products will be delivered within 2 to 14 days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. In the case of order, it takes +3 to 5 days.

(Free shipping/trackable)

*We cannot reply to inquiries regarding the delivery period.

*Please note that delivery may be delayed due to weather conditions.

* The arrival schedule may differ depending on the area where you live, such as a remote island.

* We are not responsible for any troubles caused by the customer's long-term absence / refusal to receive. Refund/cancellation due to this content cannot be handled. (If you wish to redeliver, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer.)


<Regarding product returns and exchanges>

Q: Can I return the product?

A: We cannot accept any returns or exchanges due to customer convenience. Please check carefully before purchasing.

* All CT70s are handcrafted and handcrafted at factories in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, etc. of Converse (NIKE's US headquarters), and are at the inspection level of USA Converse.

For this reason, due to the manufacturing method, there may be cases where there is adhesion of adhesive, misalignment of stitching and patches, dirt or damage to the box that occurs during manufacturing and delivery, but it is not a defective product and is not eligible for returns or exchanges.


Q: Can I have a cooling off period?

A: Due to the provisions of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, sales through this service are not subject to the cooling-off system. Application of cooling-off is not obligatory for mail-order sales.

The cooling-off system is a system that protects customers from forced sales such as push sales in door-to-door sales, and the system does not apply to mail-order sales (including Internet sales) where it is possible to consider purchasing at your own will. We now have. Please note.


Q: I received a different product than what I ordered.

A: In the unlikely event that the ordered product is different, please contact us at the address below within 3 days after the product arrives. We will provide a refund or exchange. We will bear the shipping cost for returning the product. ✉︎



Q: Are there any customs duties?

A: Basically, it doesn't take much, but it may take very rare cases. Customs fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

* products sold by our company are genuine products purchased from official Converse stores in Korea and the United States. In rare cases, customs may stop your shipment. In the unlikely event that it is stopped by customs, please inform the customs that it is for your own use. (Purchase for purposes other than self-use is prohibited.)

For problems (customs clearance, damage, etc.) caused by the customs of the importing country, We cannot support this at all. Please be aware of this in advance and purchase carefully after making your own judgment.  


 Q: I haven't received a response to my inquiry.

A: If you do not receive an email, the possible reasons are as follows.

・Wrong input of address

・ Anti-spam measures are taken

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check your email address and contact us again, or cancel the domain designation in advance.